Private aviation aircraft, from the single engine piston to large corporate jets, can help an individual or company better leverage their time, not only to give them a competitive advantage in today’s business environment, but also improve their quality of life. Aviation is also a complex and expensive venture not only from the time you first consider using a private aircraft but also in the operation of the aircraft.

MKC Aviation has the experience and expertise to guide you through all of the complex issues surrounding private aviation.




Our services include:

  • Consulting
    • Ownership and alternatives
      • Determine your mission, budget and the “best fit” aircraft
      • Evaluation of your aircraft alternatives
        • Ownership – individual, joint or partnership
        • Fractional
        • Leasing
        • Charter
      • Aircraft acquisition / sale
        • Valuation
        • Pre-purchase/Pre-buy
        • Negotiation
        • Acceptance / delivery management
        • Financing
    • Other Operational Issues
  • Aircraft Management
    • Maintenance tracking
    • Vendor negotiation
    • Financial reporting
  • Operations
    • Scheduling/flight plans
    • Crew management
      • Hiring
      • Training
      • Benefits
  • Charter