Today, an airplane is no longer a luxury – it’s a tool –

  • To get you to over 5,000 airports in the US not served by airlines
  • To reduce travel time and expense by avoiding the hassles and delays of large airports and commercial airlines
  • To leverage your time
    • See more customers on the same day
    • Spend more time with customers
    • Make more presentations on the same trip
    • Spend time in the office in morning, at a customers in the afternoon
    • Spend your evenings at home and not on the road
  • To get key personnel quickly from one site to another

In today’s competitive environment, sales and new business opportunities are hard to come by, and harder to win and close. In addition, your competitors are working hard to take away your customers and potential new business. You need a competitive edge, and you need to do it efficiently. An airplane is a tool to give you that competitive edge. It helps you see more customers in a day, spend more time with them, and get you and/or your key people from site to site quickly and maybe just as important – home that night.

How is traveling in your own airplane efficient, and how does it cut costs? Consider the time you save by boarding your own airplane right on the ramp – versus the hassles of parking and security checks at large airports. How about the delays and frustrations of commercial airlines? How about the ability to land at over 5,000 airports not served by commercial airlines? Chances are that having your own airplane will get you closer to your customer – giving you more time to do what you do best.

For company employees, especially executives, those hours spent traveling on airlines is costly “downtime.” A $200,000/year executive earns about $100/hour but his or her “value” to the company is actually about $570/hour1. Every time an executive waits in a security line or spends time changing planes, thousands of dollars of productive time are being “lost” by the company. In addition, what is the cost in terms of morale to your employees of inefficient travel and not being home?

There are many ways to have access to your “own” airplane and to begin using it to gain a competitive edge. These include:

  • Ownership
  • Full or partial ownership
  • Joint ownership
  • Fractional
  • Charter

We have the expertise to help you determine the best way to make an airplane your competitive edge. We can take the guesswork out of purchasing and owning an airplane.

There are also considerable tax benefits to owning your own airplane – call us and we’ll be glad to discuss the best arrangement for you.

1NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide